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MarVilla Lynn Despain

Posted 2011-01-20 by Sharla
Greers Mortuary of Winslow,
Winslow, Arizona

Funeral services for Lynn Despain will be held Friday, January 21 at 10am at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Heber, AZ. Interment to follow at Heber Community Cemetery.

MarVilla Lynn Despain, 24, and her mother, RonaLee, were reunited Saturday, January 15th after Lynn, as she was commonly called, passed away from medical complications that morning. Though it was unexpected, her family is at peace knowing that she is free of her physical limitations and is with her mom again after 11 years.

Born without the ability to naturally drain the fluid from her brain, she spent most of her life trying to be a normal young woman. However, even with her disability, Lynn lived a full life. She spent her days on the family homestead in Northern Arizona playing with the dogs, riding her bike, and helping out on the ranch as best she could. Lynn was diligent, compassionate, and selfless.

By her example, she taught her friends and family the importance of perseverance and kindness. She leaves her father and sister, Edwin and Geri, as well as a large extended family that will miss her sweet spirit and generosity.

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