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Eugene Garcia

Posted 2008-11-15 by Sharon
The Wickenburg Sun, Wickenburg, AZ
Friday, June 10, 1938


Funeral services were held Tuesday at 4 p. m. for Eugene Garcia at the home of his mother and interment was made in the Catholic cemetery.

Eugene, 17 years old, was drowned about 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon in a, pool in the Hassayampa river, about 12 miles north of here, He had gone to the Champie ranch to visit friends and decided to go swimming with two boys, Charlie Rameriz and Fernando Quonoez. Diving into the pool, which was about 16 feet deep and 40 by 25 feet in size, he was seized with cramps and sank in spite of efforts of his friends, neither of whom could swim, to throw him a rope. Eugene's brother-in-law, Martin Hime, later recovered the body from where it had become entangled in roots at the bottom of the pool.

He was well known here in Wickenburg, having attended school here and with his family lived here for many years. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Marcelina Garcia, and two sisters and four brothers.

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