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Katherine Adams

Posted 2013-01-01 by Sharla
Black’s Show Low Mortuary,
Show Low, Arizona

Katherine Thayer Adams
(January 23, 1966 - December 24, 2012)

Katherine was born on January 23, 1966 at Keams Canyon, Arizona to Thelma Joyce Jones-Adams and Earl Anderson Adams, Sr.; grandparents were Jesse Engle Ward-Jones and Franks K. (Budda) Jones from San Carlos, Arizona.

Entered eternal life on December 24, 2012, Christmas Eve, at Surprise, Arizona, after a long time of her illness.

She is survivor by her son Michael Don Adams of Louisiana, Searlene Cleveland of Avondale, Arizona and recently she lost her son Kyle Anderson Adam. She had 4 grandchildren: Olivia Pearl Adams, Kylene Michelle Adams, Michael Don Adams, Jr., and Shanelle Mia Adams. Katherine (Goobie as she was called) is one of eight children born into the White Bear Clans. Katherine was the youngest child, currently, survived by one sister, Jonell Belknap Adams from Second Mesa, Arizona.

Katherine is preceded by her five sisters: Earlene Ann Adams-Tah, Carlene Ellen Adams, Searl Preston Adams, Searlene Precious Adams-Stewart; and two brothers: Plinney Tewamenewa Adams, Earl Anderson Adams, Jr.

Katherine had attended Second Mesa Day School at Second Mesa, Arizona for elementary school. For high school, she attended Grey Hills High School in Tuba City, Arizona. While in high school, Katherine was active in sports. She played basketball. Even though Katherine was only 4’11 feet tall, she was a very good basketball player. Katherine further pursued her education where she received a certificate to become a special education teacher’s assistant.

Katherine was employed with Tuba City High school in the Special Education department before moving to Phoenix. While in Phoenix, she worked at The Fry Bread House on 7th avenue. She loved this job for the simple fact she got paid for making fry bread. Her last employment before falling ill was at the Arizona Foundation for the Handicap in Phoenix, Arizona.

Katherine had many hobbies and skills which she acquired throughout her life. She learned how to make Hopi Pottery. Her signature pottery was the Sun forehead pottery with lids. She also, loved to cook. One of Katherine’s favorite dish was stir fry. Whenever her grandchildren came over to visit, she would bake cookies for the little ones. Her grandchildren were precious to her. She enjoyed her laughing, making jokes and playing around with them.

At one time, she was pretending to be a nurse and doctor with her grandkids, and she had band aides all over her face and arm. When playing nurse and doctor with grandkids, they were using Q-tip for a needle. It was amazing to see her play with the grand children, as her imagination took over and she was a nurse. She would be funny, joking with kids, making “Knock, Knock” jokes with them. Katherine had many jokes, what she heard from her friends in Phoenix area and from Hopi Reservation. One thing that she always told her daughter, “Searlene, I thought you woke up with sun and down with the Moon”.

Katherine’s favorite type of movies was horror movie. The one that she always watched was 13 Ghosts. And every Halloween, she would dress up and went treat or tricking. In her spare time, she would sew. When her grand-daughter, Olivia was one year old, she made an Apache camp dress for her.

During her last days, Katherine was aware of what was happening with her health, and she knew soon that she was going to meet her parents and siblings once again. Even though the situation was tough, she still was positive and had good spirits about life. During her last days, she made jokes, she was happy, and she smiled. She told her daughter, “Searlene, don’t worry, I am fine, I am okay, I am in God’s hands, God has final say with my life”. We are going to miss Katherine, a Daughter, our Sister, our Aunt, a Mother, and a Grandmother.

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