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John Ebbett

Posted 2018-02-10 by Judy Wight Branson
Arizona Journal-Miner, Prescott, Arizona Territory
Friday, February 20, 1903, page 1, column 5

Laudanum Route

John Ebbett Takes the Sleepy Drug and Ends His Earthly Career

Has Been in Prescott For About Two Months - Was Very Quiet and

Yesterday evening about five o'clock Mrs. A. J. Head went to the
door of a room in her house which has been occupied by John Ebbett
since his arrival in Prescott some two months ago, and found it
locked. She at first thought nothing of it as he often slept late
and often did not leave his room before that time in the evening.

About six o'clock she returned to find his door still locked and the
blinds still down, so she used her pass key and unlocked the door.
The room was dark and she turned on the electric light when her
horrified gaze fell upon the body of Mr. Ebbett, lying on his bed,
stiff and cold in the icy grasp of death, while an empty laudanum
bottle lay on the stand beside his bed. She at once notified Mr.
Head who summoned the chief of police and Justice Talbot.

The body was removed to Logan's undertaking parlors where an inquest
was held, the jury finding that deceased had died from the result of
an overdose of laudanum, evidently taken with suicidal intent.

Letters were found among his effects from parties at Soda Springs,
Idaho, and they were notified of his death.

Very little is known of him, as he was always very quiet and
unobtrusive, but it is thought from evidences found in his trunk and
grip that he has been a gambler. He had some money when he came to
Prescott, but had been on two or three sprees since coming here and
is said to have been robbed of considerable money during one of
these times, and when he died was just about at the end of his
financial string. This may have had something to do with his
committing the sad, rash act of ending his own life, as no other
cause can be found for it.

He was about 30 years of age and seemed to be enjoying good health.

Transcriber's note: Mr. Ebbett is buried in an unmarked grave at the
Citizens Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.

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