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Mariano Fabron

Posted 2018-02-12 by Judy Wight Branson
Prescott Journal Miner, Prescott, Arizona Territory
Monday, April 19, 1907, page 4, column 4

Dead Mexican Was Struck With Gas Pipe

Mariano Gabron Killed At Wood Spur by Antonio Aylia

Mariano Gabron is the name of the man who died Wednesday on an S.
F., P. & P. train, on route here, of injuries received at the hands
of Antonio Aylia in a drunken altercation, Sunday afternoon, at
White's commissary, at Wood Spur, according to Under Sheriff Neagle,
who returned from Wood Spur last night, after making a thorough
investigation of the affair, which still appears to be shrouded in
more or less mystery, as there were no eye-witnesses to the affray,
according to the statements of the Mexicans employed there.

Mr. Neagle says that from what information he could gather from the
Mexicans he found at the different wood camps, it appears that a
large number of them gathered Sunday evening at the commissary for
the purpose of settling accounts and purchasing rations for the
coming week. Several of them had been at Ash Fork earlier in the
day and had returned to the place with bottles of whisky and nearly
all were under the influence of liquor, when Gabron and Aylia got
into a dispute outside of the building. Gabron picked up a rock and
was about to strike Aylia with it when the latter seized a short
piece of gas pipe and struck Gabron on the side of the head, felling
him to the ground.

Attracted by the noise several of those on the inside rushed out and
saw Gabron bleeding from a wound about four inches in length on the
side of the forehead, exposing the skull, which on examination
yesterday, was found to have been fractured. Aylia told the others
that Gabron tried to hit him with a large rock and that he struck
him with the gas pipe in self-defense. After Gabron's nose ceased
bleeding he walked with the others to the wood camp, some three
miles distant, and made no complaint of feeling ill until Wednesday
morning, when his fellow workers decided to send him here to consult
a physician. He was taken to the station at Wood Spur, in H. B.
White's wagon, and placed in charge of the Mexican, Rosalles, who
was on his way here.

Aylia could not be found by the officers yesterday, although a
search of the locality was made for him. One Mexican claims to have
seen him at his camp, Wednesday afternoon, but none of the others
appear to have seen him since Monday morning. His description has
been wired to officers in different parts of the Territory and it is
possible that he may be apprehended. In appearances he is about 40
years old, 6 feet in height, and has a reddish colored beard and
mustache, light blue eyes and light complexion. When last seen he
was dressed in his overalls and jumper. Both murder and victim are
strangers here and have no known relatives or connections to the

During the last two weeks Aylia has told several of the wood
choppers employed in the camp that he intended to leave for
California in a short time, and the officers are of the opinion that
he will endeavor to make his escape in that direction.

Rosalles, who was arrested Wednesday, when he arrived here with the
dead man, will be released today, as he apparently had no connection
with the crime.

Transcriber's note: Mr. Fabron is buried in an unmarked grave at the
Citizens Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.

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