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George L. Merritt

Posted 2018-04-16 by Judy Wight Branson
Prescott Journal Miner, Prescott, Arizona
Saturday, May 22, 1920, page 3, column 1

Peaceful Death Claims George L. Merritt

In the death of George L. Merritt, Prescott loses one of the early
day settlers who has seen the Hassayampa county wrested from the
wilderness. Mr. Merritt came to this section about 1882, and has
resided in the county ever since. For a part of the time he was in
Jerome, but finally settled down in Prescott, engaging in the
business of bottling carbonated waters, and other products such as
blueing, and vinegar. He was successful in his business but never
tried to branch out and make it big. He kept his business small and
handled it himself. He worked right up to the day of his death.

Yesterday Mr. Merritt's friends and relatives did not see him on the
street as usual, and it was thought that something might be wrong
and an investigation was made. His doors were locked from the
inside, and entrance to the room was effected by friends through the
window. He was found lying in a natural posture, just as if he had
been asleep. His hands were not clinched, and it would seem as if
he had died while asleep.

His health had not been good for several months. He had reached the
age of 62, and while he was active and doing his own work, looking
after his horse as well as his little business, at the same time he
had not been very strong physically. But, he was of the old school,
and wanted to work. His habits were good and his life was simple
and his manner genial. He was practically without an enemy.

He leaves besides a host of warm friends, a brother, Johnny Merritt,
and his family of Prescott and a sister, Mrs. L. W. Augustine of

Coroner, Charles H. McLane was notified of the circumstances of the
death and went to view the remains and make an investigation. On a
careful scrunity of all the surroundings, finding $190.25 in money
in the pants pockets which lay on the floor of the bed, and
everything looking entirely regular, no inquest was held, as there
was noting to point to anything outside of natural causes to account
for the sudden death.

On the day before his death, Mr. Merritt had complained of feeling
on the 'bum' to a number of friends, and described a severe shortage
of breath on any exercise more than ordinary. So, thus passed on,
this old pioneer, leaving a clean record, and a host of friends to
regret his passing. He had never married, and the sympathy of many
goes out to the bereaved relatives.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Transcriber's note: Mr. Merritt is buried in an unmarked grave at
the Mountain View Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.

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