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Emma (Ray) Small

Posted 2018-06-10 by Judy Wight Branson
Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner, Prescott, Arizona Territory
Wednesday, March 23, 1898, page 1, column 4

Her Rest Will Be Unbroken

Mrs. Small, better known by the name of her former husband, Mrs.
Smith, sister of Mrs. Collumber, died at an early hour this morning
of pneumonia, superinduced by an attack of the grippe. She had only
been sick a couple of days, and her condition was not at all
considered critical.

At 3 o'clock this morning her nurse visited her to give her some
medication, but was told by Mrs. Small not to bother her that she
was feeling very comfortable and wanted to be et alone and permitted
to rest. At 4 o'clock the nurse again called but her patient seemed
to be resting easy, and she was not disturbed. Another visit was
made at 5 o'clock, when, to the great surprise of the nurse, the
patient was found to be cold.

Dr. Dutcher was hastily summoned, but on his arrival, he pounced her
dead, and gave it as his opinion that she had been dead for a couple
of hours.

The husband of the deceased lives in San Bernardo, California, and
was notified of his wife's death. Besides her mother, Mrs. Ray, and
her sister, Mrs. Collumber, she leaves four children, a grown son
and daughter, Walter and Jessie Smith, and Ada and Arthur Small,
aged respectively about 8 and 6 years.

Mrs. Jessie Smith has been residing in Washington, D.C. for several
years and Walter has been in the Verde valley.


Weekly Journal Miner, Prescott, Arizona Territory
Wednesday, March 23, 1898, page 3, column 2

(From Friday's Daily)

The funeral of Mrs. Small, occurred this morning at 11 o'clock.

Transcriber's note: Mrs. Small is buried in an unmarked grave at the
Citizens Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.

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