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James Stewart

Posted 2018-07-09 by Judy Wight Branson
Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner, Prescott, Arizona
Wednesday, December 15, 1909, page 7, column 1

His Fortune Spent, Man Dies At County Farm

Death Due to 'Hotfooting' Received At Ash Fork

(From Thursday's Daily)

James Stewart, an inmate of the county hospital, succumbed yesterday
to injuries received at Ash Fork on November 1, at which time he and
two companions were burned with kerosene applied to the soles of their
feet and ignited by some malicious person.

The three men were en route to Prescott, traveling from the west. At
Ash Fork they took shelter for the night in an abandoned building.
While sleeping the place was entered by someone who poured the oil
over their feet and ignited it. Stewart received the worst burns from
the blaze, but McCormick, his associate, was also severely burned.
The other man was not seriously injured, and continued the trip to the

Stewart and McCormick were brought to the county hospital in this city
three days later. McCormick recovered speedily. Stewart's burns
healed, but a few weeks ago dropsy developed. Up to the time of his
death he complained of much pain in the foot that was burned and after
dropsy developed he said his suffering was intensified.

He had been an employe of the Santa Fe at Needles for several years on
the California division, and was in route to the A. & C., where he
said he had friends. He was 51 years of age and a native of Scotland.
No relatives are known to be residing in this section.

It has been learned since his death that at one time Stewart was a
third owner in a gold mine of British Columbia known as the Chief,
which when sold, gave him over $25,000 in cash. He began dealing on
the stock markets of Denver, and in a few years was rendered
penniless. He located several placer mines near Needles, but
abandoned them on account of the lack of water to work the ground.
His old partner in the north, whose name could not be learned, is
located near Bouse, where he has several claims, and to reach him was
Stewart's intention.

Should the names of the parties who applied the kerosene become known
criminal charges will be instituted and the miscreants will find
themselves facing a most grave charge.

Transcriber's note: Mr. Stewart is buried at the Citizens Cemetery in
Prescott, Arizona.

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