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Cecilio Hernandez

Posted 2019-01-11 by Judy Wight Branson
Weekly Arizona Journal-Miner, Prescott, Arizona Territory
Wednesday, September 23, 1903, page 4, column 7

Quarrel Ends In A Homicide

Granite Street Saloon Scene of Tragedy.

Shooter Claims Self Defense, Alleging His Victim Was Threatening Him.

Last night about 11:30 o'clock a shooting scrap took place on South
Granite street in which Cecelio Hernandez was shot by Ramon Cordova,
the wounded man falling dead after running only a few yards.

The facts of the case so far as could be obtained was that Hernandez
was in debt to Cordova and had given him an order on another Mexican
for the money. The Mexican acknowledged the debt but had no money to
pay it and as a result a quarrel was started between the two men.
Cordova claims that Hernandez came to his place and started the quarrel
and threatened to kill him. He says that others had told him that
Hernandez was going to kill him and he was alone in his saloon when he
came there and he feared that he would carry out his threat; and the
fellow had been there for over half an hour and would not go away; that
he had tried to get an officer but could not find one; that he shot him
in self defense.

The facts gained from other sources, however, do not agree very well
with Cordova' story. Two Mexicans who were in the saloon just across
the street say the never heard any quarrel or loud noise; that they saw
a flash of light and the pistol shot and thought it was a fire; that
Hernandez and another man had left the saloon where they were not over
five minutes before the shot was fired; that they heard the call for an
officer. From the was the man was standing when the bullet struck him
he was looking south on Granite street, as the bullet, which was a 38
calibre, entered the left arm, pierced the heart, and the man simply
ran a few yards, threw up his arms, cried 'My God' and fell dead.

Deputy was called and was there in less than five minutes and arrested
Cordova, who made no effort to get away. There was no weapon found on
the dead man's person - not even a pocket knife.

The shot was fired through the window from a distance of fifteen or
twenty feet. While Cordova has always born an excellent reputation as
a law abiding citizen, and has given some very valuable assistance to
the officers during the many years he has lived here, this scrape looks
pretty bad for him.

The coroner's jury held an inquest at three o'clock this afternoon, and
the preliminary examination will likely be held before Justice Talbot

The dead man has not relatives or friends that are known here and was
turned over to S. A. Logan to bury among the county dead.

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