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Marian (Sister Madonna Marie) Black

Posted 2020-05-17 by mhenderson
Published in The Miner on May 16, 2020 -
Kingman, Arizona -

Sister Madonna Marie, Black O.P., aka Marian Black, the third child of
Mabel and Arthur Black of Kingman, Arizona, was born March 15, 1926
and passed away peacefully on Feb. 15, 2020. As Marian Black, she
directed St. Mary’s choir from age 15 and garnered vocal talent for
the choir from among high school teachers and from the Air Force men
who lived and worked at the Kingman Air Force site where, for several
years, WWII airplanes were dismantled.

After high school, she moved east to attend Georgian Court College.
Because her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Black, had to travel to
Michigan to pick up two new buses for his transportation business and
had agreed to bring back many nuns to drop off at various locations
where Catholic schools needed staffing, such as New Mexico, Arizona
and California, it was then that the young Marian took note. Mr. Black
was a major contributor to making St. Mary’s a Catholic School and
bringing the first nuns to Kingman. Marian was so inspired by the nuns
that she decided in July 1945 to join them, thus taking on her new
name, Sister Madonna Marie, Black O.P. (Order of Preachers).

Her teaching career began in earnest in 1947. Being proficient in
music, art and managerial skills, she was sent to many places such as
San Francisco, Detroit, Michigan, St. Petersburg, Florida,
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona, culminating at
Kingman in 1980 where she was to care for her mother, Mabel VanMarter
Black, who passed at 93 in 1987. During this time, Madonna Marie was
very active in the pastoral ministry, in peace groups and music and
art, and lent a hand to the Mohave Museum of History and Art along
with supplying artifacts to the Power House Museum.

Being the historian that she was, it was through her efforts that the
Arthur and Mabel Black home was placed on the national registry of
historic homes. Her final years, from 2013-20, were peacefully spent
at the same mother house where it all began some 75 years ago. Sister
Madonna Marie passed after 75 years of service as a nun, with her
sister, Helen, by her side.

Forty-two days later, after Madonna Marie’s passing, our sister,
Frances Black Madole, AKA Sister Rose Madonna, nun for nine years
passed, also, on March 29, 2020. They lived together in the family
home together for 10 years.

Surviving immediate family members, out of 10 children, are Mai Black
Gray and Helen Black Tapp.

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