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Herbert Kempton

Posted 2020-07-28 by Pat R
Arizona Record (Globe, Arizona)
Tuesday, March 18, 1913

After a hard fight against spinal meningitis, E.K. Kempton of School Hill, died Monday night. The funeral arrangements have not been completed.

Mr. Kempton was 37 years old and had been a resident of Globe for many years. He was formerly engaged in the candy manufacturing business but at the time of his death was in the employ of the Old Dominion Mine company.

The deceased was a member of the Miners Union and Knights of Pythias. He was well known in this city as a man with a sterling character and the news of his death was a great shock to a host of friends.
Arizona Record (Globe, Arizona)
Friday, March 21, 1913

The funeral of Herbert Kempton, who died Monday of cerebro spinal meningitis, will be strictly private this afternoon. The wife of the deceased will not be permitted to attend the services.

This is the verdict of the board of health pronounced last night after a meeting held in the city hall. The action was deemed necessary because of the danger of an epidemic of what is considered by many medical authorities as a contagious and infectious disease.

A resolution was offered by City Engineer Stafford and passed by the board that there shall be no public funerals in instances where the cause of death is cerebro spinal meningitis. The service must go no farther than being a respectable interment.

The Kempton family had made...preparations for the funeral which was to have been here at the funeral chapel of F.L. Jones and Son this afternoon at 1 o'clock. Delegations from the Miner's Union and Knights of Pythias, orders of which the deceased was a member had arranged to take part in the exercises. The day of the interment was delayed to await the arrival of Mr. Kempton's brother from Mexico. Many friends of the deceased were planning to attend the funeral.

Owing to the decisions of the health board, the funeral will be held at the time and place named but friends will not be allowed to attend, since Mrs. Kempton was brought in direct contact with the disease it was thought best that she be absent. Three pall bearers from the Miner's Union and three from the Knights of Pythias will act.

The action of the health board is the result of a careful and unbiased investigation of conditions and public opinion which has been brought to bear upon the situation. Health Officer Fox believed that there would be no danger of a public funeral since the deceased had been embalmed and placed in a sealed casket. Dr. Holt attempted to prove, by offering opinions of some of the highest medical authorities in the country that cerebro spinal meningitis is a contagious and infectious disease.

Dr. Holt also recommended that if another case of the disease is reported that theaters, schools and public halls be closed. The board took no action on the suggestion.

[Both courtesy of Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum, Miami, Arizona]

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